Part-time CFO / Controller

DMB Consulting can be engaged on an hourly or daily basis to serve in a part-time CFO / Controller role. This can be on a temporary or a more long term basis.

Financial Projections

Essential for any business looking to secure financing, assessing new opportunities or going through a turnaround period. After an initial consult, we will review your financial information, prepare a 5-year summary income statement, a detailed 24 month projected income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet, and present the results. Additional options include break-even analysis, ratio analysis, and graphical presentation of key data. 

Financial Diagnostic

For existing business looking for improvements in their overall financial performance. After an initial consult, we will review your company’s financial statements, data, and processes, conduct in-house meetings with your accounting team and other management, prepare a detailed report on the findings, including recommendation and action plan, and present the results.

Business Plan Preparation

A business plan is essential for any start-up, as well as for existing businesses looking to go into a new area. It will usually include the following sections: Executive Summary, Business Overview, Industry Analysis, Market and Sales Plan, Operating Plan, Human Resource plan, Financial Projections and Action Plan.  There are two options here: we can prepare the full business plan and financial projections for you; or, we can mentor you through the process, providing you assistance on preparing the business plan yourself, while preparing the financial projections to go with it.

Construction Financial Tune-Up

A tune up for your contracting business, with the goal of improving your company’s bottom line!  We will meet with your accounting team, project management and senior management and conduct a financial diagnostic of your business, with the following deliverables:

May 10th after delivering "Financial Management for Contractors" at Construction Association of Nova Scotia"

May 10th after delivering "Financial Management for Contractors" at Construction Association of Nova Scotia"

  • An analysis of your company’s current financial situation, including trends analysis, comparison to industry benchmarks, and key ratio analysis
  • An assessment of your company’s current accounting system and processes with recommendations for improvement
  • An analysis of your current job mix, with recommendations for a more profitable mix going forward
  • An analysis of where your overheads should be going forward, including cost cutting opportunities
  • Development of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to help track your business effectively
  • A 12-month action plan to improve your company gross margin and bottom line
  • Three follow up meetings at 3 month mark, 6 month mark, and 1 year mark to monitor progress and make adjustments
  • A significantly improved bottom line!