"I hired David as part time Director of Finance in May, 2018 and then Part-time CFO in January, 2019. I worked with him up to the sale of my business in May, 2019. When he took on the role, there was a steep learning curve - David quickly learned the accounting system of the business and nuances of the industry, He provided excellent and timely financial reporting and also helped significantly with the strategic direction of the company leading up to its sale. He was a pleasure to work with and also not afraid to offer great advice, even if it meant changing the status quo. I would strongly recommend David for any small or medium sized company looking for high level financial leadership."

Craig Meredith Former President and Owner Cabco Communications Group

"David has provided an excellent support to Neck Tronics to help with financial projections, company valuation etc. He was always available to help us in crunch time and has delivered the tasks with perfection in very short time frames. The best thing about working with David is he is always so reachable and eager to help. He has excellent work ethics, very patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend David to anyone seeking a financial consultant."

Anindita Gupta                                                                                                                                                               Director of Business Development and Marketing                                                                                                            Neck Tronics Inc. (www.necktronics.com)


"I worked with David in his capacity as Controller and watched him grow professionally and excel at the core elements of his position. David has a very analytical mind and an ability to dig into data and provide timely and meaningful analysis. David is a very competent technical accountant and had the ability to provide very strategic financial advice to the organization based upon the output of the accounting records he was responsible for. David is a team player and built very strong relationships with, and garnered the respect of, everyone in the organization from site superintendents to the President.”

John Warrington, MBA, CPA, CMA,                                                                                                                                Owner of CFO Atlantic (www.cfoatlantic.com)


“Working with DMB Consulting leading up to the i3 competition was rigorous and rewarding. As we were transitioning from R&D to commercial, David offered practical advice and dug deep to get a handle on our projections. His knowledge and commitment to small, growth-oriented business in Nova Scotia was evident throughout.”

 John Frost                                                                                                                                                                           President, Aerhyve Technologies

 "I had the pleasure of working with David Bortolussi during my last five years at DORA. As a project manager working multiple projects at one time, understanding where your accounts receivables and payables is extremely important. I could count on David to give me the true financial status for all my projects necessary to allow me to control the financial side of my job. I would recommend David Bortolussi to any of my customers who have construction accounting requirements."

Roger H. Plant,P.Eng.                                                                                                                                                 Principal, RHP Project Management Services Inc.


"I worked with David Bortolussi since 2007, as a project manager and as an Operations Manager; David was the person I went to when I needed some precise financial information, accuracy was all ways important to David and anyone working with him knew that. His mild manner and willingness to help made my job easier, his speed at acquiring the information showed his organization skills. I would recommend David to anyone in need of his services without hesitation." 

Tony Lajo                                                                                                                                                               Operations Manager, DORA Construction Limited


"I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Bortolussi during our i-3 competition. Although we had limited time to work with David, he was very professional and efficient.  David quickly understood our business model and helped us to put together a very detailed financial plan and sales projection that stayed true to our core business values. I will recommend Mr. Bortolussi to any business owner who wish to develop a reliable financial projection".

Guy Shaham
Co-founder & CEO, BuyMyLemonade.com